The name of this corporation shall be WEA-LOWER COLUMBIA (Hereinafter referred to as the "Council").


The Council's purpose is to further the cause of public education.


Section 1.  Membership

The members of the Council shall consist of the follow­ing educational employee associations:

Adna Education Association

Castle Rock Education Association

Green Mountain Education Association

Kalama Education Association

Kelso Education Association

La Center Education Association

Longview Education Association

Longview Classified Public Employees Association

Lower Columbia College Faculty Association of Higher Education

Napavine Education Association

Napavine Educational Support Personnel

Naselle-Grays River Education Association

Ocean Beach Education Association

Ocean Beach Classified Public Employees Association

Onalaska Education Association

Onalaska Paraeducators Association

Onalaska Classified Public Employees Association

Pe Ell Education Association

Toutle Lake Education Association

Wahkiakum County Education Association

Wahkiakum Educational Support Personnel Association

Winlock Education Association

Woodland Education Association

Woodland Secretarial Association

Section 2.  Admission of Additional Members

Membership may be extended to any other local educa­tional employee associations in the state of Washington upon two-thirds vote of the Council, provided such association meets the qualifications for membership as set forth in Section 3 hereof.

Section 3.  Qualification for Membership

In order for a local educational employee association to qualify for membership in the Council, and to continue as a member thereof in good standing, it shall comply with the following requirements:

(a)  Such association shall be affiliated with and at all times remain in good standing as a local unit of the Washington Education Association.

(b)  Such association shall adhere to the guidelines and policies of the UNISERV program as now and hereafter provided by the WEA and NEA.

Section 4.  Terms of Membership

The term of membership for all local educational em­ployee associations shall be deemed to commence on Sep­tember 1 immediately preceding its admission to member­ship, and to end on August 31 of the next year; provided that such initial term of membership shall be without further action by the Council or its members for so long as contributions towards operations shall continue to be made by the WEA and NEA.


Section 1.  Officers

The officers of the Council shall consist of a President, a Vice-President and a Secretary-Treasurer. The President shall be the executive officer of the Council and shall preside over all meetings of the Council and Executive Committee Board.  The Vice-President shall serve in the absence of the President and shall assume other duties as assigned to him/her by the President. The Secretary-Treasurer shall oversee of­ficial files and records of the Council, the funds of the Council, and the disbursement of funds upon authorization of the Executive Board.  The members of the Executive Board shall not be voting members of the Council unless appointed by their local.

Section 2.  Executive Board

The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, WEA Board Director, Public Education Advocacy Chairperson, appointed Action Coordinating Team (ACT) ESP Representative and two members at large.  In the event that the WEA Board member is unable to attend a WEA Board meeting, the Council President will appoint a designee to attend the meeting in his/her absence.  The Executive Board shall be the executive authority of the Council and have authority to manage the affairs of the Council subject at all times to the control and direction of the Council. The Executive Board shall act on all matters by a majority of its members.

For purposes of expediting Council meetings, members of the Executive Board may make and/or second motions to be acted upon by the Council.  In addition, members of the Executive Board may speak for, against, or provide information relevant to any motion made at Council meetings.

The Executive Board shall be charged with the responsibility of determining the agenda for Council meetings -- i.e. training or policy.

Section 3.  Personnel Committee

The Executive Board, in conjunction with the WEA Director of Human Resources and Director of Advocacy and Organizing, shall be responsible for screening and making recommendations for employment of staff members and employees of the Council.  All hiring of WEA staff shall be in accordance with the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement between the WEA and WEASO.

Section 4.  Terms of Office

The President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, the two delegates-at-large, and the Public Education Advocacy Chairperson shall be elected through membership vote per Article V, Section 2, and shall serve for a term of two years commencing on September 1 through August 31.

The election cycle of WEA Lower Columbia shall coincide with that of WEA, including the appointed Action Coordinating Team (ACT) ESP Representative of the Council. 

Section 5.  Meetings

Immediately following the election, the Executive Board shall hold the annual policy review. In addition, special meetings may be called by the Chairperson or upon the request of any two members of the Executive Board.

Section 6.  Removal, Recall, and Vacancies

Any member of the Executive Board of WEA-Lower Columbia may be recalled or removed with cause at any Council meeting of the Council by a majority of those delegates present and voting. Motion must be made at one meeting and voted on at the next meeting.  Any open position shall be filled through appointment by the president subject to ratification by the Executive Board.


Section 1.  Eligibility

Any active member of a participating local affiliate of WEA-Lower Columbia may run for the Executive Board.

Section 2.  Nominations / Voting

The Elections Committee (also known as the Executive Board and Executive Board Member designees) shall develop a slate of candidates through member notification by the president’s mailing the first week of March.  All nominations are due to the Council office by the first Monday in April.  Electronic ballots will be available to the members of each local during the first full week of May.  Results will be announced within the next two business days.  A candidate may be nominated for a position on the Executive Board by submitting his/her name to the Elections Committee prior to the nomination deadline. Candidates may be nominated from the floor at the preceding Council meeting.

Section 3.  Campaigning

Candidates will be entitled to one list of available names, addresses, and phone numbers of the delegates.


Section 1.  Membership

The activities and policies of WEA Lower Columbia shall be governed by the Presidents of the affiliated locals of the Council.  In addition to the President, locals larger than 150 members are entitled to additional delegates at the ratio of 1/150.  The WEA Board Director shall be an ex-officio non-voting member of the Council.

Section 2.  Powers and Functions

All management powers and policy-making authority shall vest in the Council.  Such powers and authority are delegated on an interim basis to the Executive Board subject at all times to the control and direction of the Council.  The Council shall be responsible for adopting policies and carrying-out the functions of the Council on behalf of those local educational employee Asso­ciations which are members of the Council.

            Section 3.  Meetings

The annual policy meeting of the Council shall be held in the fall. Meetings of the Council shall be held at a time and place designated by the Executive Board, provided that reasonable notice be given to each delegate to the Council.

Special meetings of the Council may be called by the chairperson or upon request of any five members representing at least three associations of the Council provided that reasonable notice is given to each delegate to the Council.

Section 4.  Quorum

A quorum shall consist of 10% of the member associations being represented at any regular meeting. A quorum for a special meeting shall consist of 50% of the member associations being represented.

Section 5.  Voting

Delegates must be present at the Council meeting to be eligible to vote.


Section 1.  Special Committees

The President shall appoint special committees as deemed necessary and appropriate to carry out the duties of the Council.  All such committees shall operate according to the rules approved by the Council.


Section 1. 

The activities and policies of WEA Lower Columbia Public Education Advocacy Committee shall be governed by the local presidents, the Council Executive Board and the members of WEA Lower Columbia who contribute to WEA-PAC. The Council shall elect members of WEA-Lower Columbia Public Education Advocacy Committee.  The Chairperson shall be elected by the Council through membership vote per Article V, Section 2.  Any WEA-PAC contributing member of any local shall be eligible for election.

Section 2.

The Council shall have powers of recall for any member of the WEA-Lower Columbia Public Education Advocacy Committee.  Ten (10) days notice shall be given to any member subject to recall. Opportunity to speak to the Council shall be given to the contested committee member if requested.  Council delegates shall vote on any motion to recall.


Section 1.  Annual Dues

Each member association shall pay annual dues which shall not exceed a ratio of .0032 of the state average teacher salary. When the mortgage on the WEA Lower Columbia building is satisfied, the dues factor for WEA Lower Columbia UniServ shall be re-evaluated.  The Council shall set the dues within the bylaws limitation by majority vote of those delegates present and voting. Such vote shall be preceded by ten (10) days written notice.  Said dues will be paid directly into the WEA-Lower Columbia account through the WEA collection process.  Cash dues will be paid directly to WEA-Lower Columbia by the local association.

Section 2.  Special Dues and Assessments

The Council shall be authorized to impose special dues and assessments upon the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the total Council delegates, provided that written notice of the substance and rationale of the proposal to impose such special dues and assessments shall be mailed to each officer and delegate to the Council at least ten days in advance of such meeting.


Section 1.  Parliamentary Authority

Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure shall be the parliamentary authority for all proceedings of the Council and Executive Board and shall govern all questions not covered by the Articles of Incorporation, the bylaws, or any standing rules adopted by the Council or Executive Board.


These bylaws may be amended by the affirmative vote of a majority of delegates to the Council, at any annual, monthly, or special meeting of the Council, provided that written notice of the substance of such amendments shall be mailed to each officer and delegate of the Council at least ten days in advance of such meeting.

Revised: 10/1/96

Revised:  9/26/97

            Revised: 11/13/98

            Revised:  10/04/2002

            Revised:  02/28/2005

            Revised: 12/12/2005

            Revised:  5/25/2006

Revised:  10/02/2009